About me

van Deth

decentralized marketing & web3
by Samuel van Deth

Hi, I am Samuel.Living in the Netherlands. Right under a Dutch windmill. With my entrepreneurial better half. Who blessed me with 4 beautiful daughters. They fill my heart every day. And make me lose all my hair.Media & marketing web enthousiast
Mid 90's my dad introduced me to an Apple computer. I still remember the magic of it connecting to the world wide web. Ever since I have been an enthousiast first, scholar later and professional now. For the last two decades I am working on the web in media, marketing & tech. In an international context.
Impact of the web has been mega positive. Huge economic growth, many new business, many new forms of communication. Many lives improved.Critique on current state
But I am also a critic on what happened to the web over the last decade. Monopolies created. Data privacy trampled. Innovation stifled. Democracy under threat.
It is time for the web to level up.Going back to the web's origins. We need to ensure decentralization as the key value of the web. Web3, crypto and blockchain are our chance to make it better. Give the value of the network effects back to it's users. We now have the potential to enforce digital property rights. And create transparent historical log of transactions. But as always it all depends on how we decide to use the technology. Because I also see how it can be used to maintain centralized authority. I remain positive at heart on what is possible.My experience
Some crazy things I did that defined me:
- 1996: Build my first webshop to sell Belgium trappist beers abroad.
- 2004: Organized election parties for student councils of the University of Amsterdam
- 2005: When Apple launched their video iPod I started vodcasting my professors.
- 2006: Ran widgets (decentralized content) & mashups projects during internship at Talpa Media.
- 2007: Graduated in Communication Science. With a master thesis on the business model of a TV algorithm; 5 years before Netflix arrived in Europe.
- 2008: Cofounded a social media data startup with decentralized content (widgets, gadgets). Before Facebook was a thing in Europe. Went to 20 employees and six figure revenue in 1 year. Sold to all major brands in the Netherlands.
- 2011: Managed sales teams at Awin - than zanox. The performance advertising network from Axel Springer Group. Became market leader after M4N acquisition.
- 2012: To influence the legislation of the Dutch cookie law (predecessor of GDPR); I spoke to members of parliament and regulator bodies. Contributing to a favourable differentiation of conversion tracking vs behavioural tracking.
- 2013: Ran the original Athens marathon in around 4 hours, little bit more.
- 2014: Worked with brands like Nike, Unilever, Uber and eBay on their global data management and martech. While at Adobe and Oracle.
- 2017: Decided to go all-in on bitcoin and ether.
- 2019: Head GTM Strategy for Oracle CX in EMEA.
- 2022: Launched my first NFT projects.
Raising four daughters with my misses is trumping all the above. In any aspect.My background
Born and raised in Hilversum, the "Dutch media town". My family roots are Dutch, with some German and French influence. As such I define myself as 'of European origin'. But I feel stronger connected to humanity as a whole. Than that I favor a particular region, state, church or political association.
I have a dad who flew to every major event in the world for TV news. He also introduced me to the first Apple computer and the world wide web in the early 90's. More importantly he also brought back the stories of the world. El Salvador, Cambodia, Liberia, collaps of USSR, Romania, Iraq, Bosnia, etc. He was there. On the frontline. Has seen more missions and wars than many soldiers. Escaped death more than once. He also founded one of the first video production companies in the Netherlands.From discussion at home - with my mom and sister - it was clear that we needed to think across our borders. To fix the major challenges we face as humanity. My analysis early on was that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. That protecting individuals means; creating growth, protecting free market and democratic principles.Working in - and with - many big corporates gave me the view how that principle works in large organizations. We need to control the nature of too much power flowing to a centralized force in any place. In politics, markets and inside of companies.Particular also true to the web. Network effects should not lead to monopolistic behaviour and value for a few owners. It should flow back to it's users. The breakthrough now can be enforcing digital property rights. Through web3 and blockchain. So that has become my mission in live now.Use the potential of the web to give power back to the individuals; so we all profit from the value it creates.Building a couple of things at the moment to get there:
1. Advising retail, media and brand companies on how to embrace web3 while working to launch a DAO to take over.
2. My Digital Home; building a decentralized, persistent view of small history. Brick by brick. One house at a time.
3. Building the Netherlands Web3 Ecosystem Map